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Robotic engineering design Instructor. Leading high school and pre undergraduate students in design, and hands-on robotics programs which focused on creating the manufacturing tools and processes in building the robots. Lead curriculum of the program, sessions, and lessons on engineering and technology. Lead programs in local, regional and national robotics competitions in Pakistan. Lead the team of professionals in Stem instruction and entrepreneur series. Senior programming instructor for Java and python; developed Arduino projects and activities for students of all ages.
Darakhshan Memon (KA "Dee Memon")
Address: Financial Educator and Business Coach WFGIA 6420 Richmond Ave, # 304 Houston TX 77057


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Management Institute of Technology is the oldest institute in Hyderabad and was setup in 1999. It provides a professional atmosphere/education to the students with the qualified and experienced faculty, and developed innovative range of programs and trainings which meet the needs on national and international appeal and quality. Management Institute of Technology also offers students the benefits of intellectual challenge, and to nurture skills and qualities they need for their professional careers ahead and to enable them to achieve full potential as individuals. There are so many students who passed out from our institute and now they are working in different organization. Management Institute of Technology will plan and deliver integrated information to students to access the information they need, when and where they need it. Management Institute of Technology is affiliated with University of Sindh Jamshoro , Accredited With NAVTTC & Registered with Trade Testing Board Government of Sindh.


The Mission of the Management Institute of Technology (Management Institute of Technology) Software Solution is to play a leading role in the development of education for the 21st century in the field of Information Technology & Business Management Education.


The Vision of the Management Institute of Technology (Management Institute of Technology) Software Solution Enables and inspires human being to develop their potential so that they grow academically throughout their career, equipped with best achievable tools for their work and can make a good impact on the society and its welfare.